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  • Title: Start English - Yomei
    Descriptive info: .. Skip navigation.. Collection.. Magic Desk.. Magic Cube.. Drive.. Flat.. Fold.. Minimize.. Squat.. Smart.. Up.. Move.. News.. Company.. Philosophy.. Factory.. Press Review.. Retailer.. Contact.. Catalogue.. Latest News.. 10.. 10.. 2012.. 1111th Magic Desk.. On 05 October the Yomei Team celebrated the delivery of the 1111th Magic Desk.. Read more ….. 19.. 09.. Yomei furnitures now in Shanghai.. Some models of the Yomei collection are available in Shanghai (China) now.. 24.. 08.. Yomei  ...   team.. Through the intervention of Bernd Lewe, the CEO of Seemann interior company in Bielefeld, YOMEI was given the opportunity to present their collection at Chapter Leineweber with about 44 members as part of an extensive breakfast.. 11.. 06.. Yomei go´s Austria II.. Also in May, the Yomei sales team was in Austria to gain another traders for their collection.. This time they visited Linz, Salzburg, Kitzbühel and Insbruck.. Imprint.. AGB.. DE.. EN..

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  • Title: Collection - Yomei
    Descriptive info: Navigation überspringen.. Smart NEW.. Up NEW..

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  • Title: Collection Magic Desk - Yomei
    Descriptive info: Yomei’s MAGIC DESK is an innovative interpretation of the classic bureau.. In its closed state, this magical desk resembles a refined and elegant sideboard.. Featuring precision-finished stainless steel hinges, the top of the desk can be folded out to extend the writing area from 43 to 61.. 5 cm  ...   MAGIC DESK: two leather drawers, three electrical sockets and a cable trough for organizing this home office with a twist.. The cables run invisibly within the high quality, polished stainless steel frame.. Design: André Schelbach.. Available Versions.. Available Versions.. Video.. Magic Desk Video.. Downloads.. productdescriptionfile_magicdesk_en.. pdf.. magicdesk_2d.. zip.. magicdesk_3d..

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  • Title: Collection Magic Cube - Yomei
    Descriptive info: MAGIC CUBE is the multi-functional, individual cabinet from Yomei that offers three different functions in one design.. The minimalist cabinet opens to reveal an interior which can be used as a make-up/dressing table, a coffee/bar cabinet or a computer/office centre.. The high quality interior is finished in brown or black leather.. All three versions will surprise you with their unique individual functions: the MAGIC CUBE DRESS offers you a real beauty heaven complete with a rear panel mirror, jewellery box and a cosmetic  ...   the MAGIC CUBE WORK with its slide-out upper shelf allows you to place a laptop and printer at a comfortable working level.. Electrical sockets are included with all of the MAGIC CUBE design variations.. Video Magic Cube Dress.. Magic Cube Dress Video.. Video Magic Cube Work.. Magic Cube Work Video.. Magic Cube Bar Available Versions.. Magic Cube Bar Available Versions.. Magic Cube Dress Available Versions.. Magic Cube Dress Available Versions.. Magic Cube Work Available Versions.. Magic Cube Work Available Versions.. productdescriptionfile_magiccubebar_en.. productdescriptionfile_magiccubedress_en.. productdescriptionfile_magiccubework_en.. magiccube_2d..

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  • Title: Collection Drive - Yomei
    Descriptive info: DRIVE is the name of the new transformable coffee table.. The initial idea for this revolutionary development was to enable a family to sit on the sofa and play games, work or eat.. The coffee table can be altered in three different ways.. Thanks to a pneumatic spring the height can be adjusted between 45 and 56 cm.. In addition, the surface area can be moved horizontally 30 cm in any direction so that corner sitting is also comfortable.. The base and leg of the table remain in place.. Drive Available Versions.. Video Drive.. produktdescriptionfile_drive_en.. drive_2d..

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  • Title: Collection Flat - Yomei
    Descriptive info: Flat is the modern and elegant interpretation of the classic serving trolley.. Fine details and high-quality materials such as stainless steel, high gloss lacquer and leather give this trolley table its sophisticated character.. Designed with versatility in mind, Flat cuts a fine figure – be it in the kitchen,  ...   Flat can be quickly and easily folded together and stored out of sight in the smallest of spaces.. Its clear-cut design and functionality emphasise its modern character – a distinctive trademark of the Yomei collection.. Design by André Schelbach.. Flat Available Versions.. Flat Video.. productdescriptionfile_flat_en.. productdescriptionfile_flat fix_en.. flat fix_2d..

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  • Title: Collection Fold - Yomei
    Descriptive info: Fold is the name of the new cabinet which forms a practical addition to the Magic Desk.. This stylish cabinet on castors is characterised by its clear-cut design in a choice of either polished or matt finished stainless steel, its fine details and practical storage space.. The top shelf folds out and can be extended from 41cm to 82 cm to provide a large shelf area.. When folded, it  ...   lining provide plenty of storage space.. There is a small drawer containing a compartment for pens and a large drawer which can be used for storing folders and provides enough room for inserting hanging file folders.. A gentle press is all that is required to open the drawers.. This handle-free concept reflects the clear lines of the design on the front cabinet.. Fold Available Versions.. Fold Video.. productdescriptionfile_fold_en.. fold_2d..

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  • Title: Collection Minimize - Yomei
    Descriptive info: Minimize is the versatile and foldable side-table from Yomei which is distinguished by its clear-cut design and inimitable lightness.. With a choice of three different sizes and shelves in a range of 29 different surfaces and colours, there is a solution to suit virtually every setting.. The qualities of this distinctive table are highlighted by materials such as leather, high gloss lacquer and  ...   Within a matter of seconds the table can be folded together and stored in the smallest of spaces until it is needed again.. Minimize is also available with a non-foldable frame and serves as an elegant side-table that impresses with its clear-cut design.. Minimize Available Versions.. Minimize Available Versions.. Minimize Fix Available Versions.. Minimize Fix Available Versions.. Minimize Video.. productdescriptionfile_minimize_en.. produktdatenblatt_minimize fi_en.. minimize_2d.. minimizefix_2d..

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  • Title: Collection Squat - Yomei
    Descriptive info: Squat Available Versions.. productdescriptionfile_squat_en.. squat_2d..

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  • Title: Collection Smart - Yomei
    Descriptive info: The SMART console table is the outstanding new product introduced by Yomei at the imm cologne 2012.. From the outside it exhibits the typically straight-lined and delicate design that one expects from Yomei.. The surprise and the real highlight of this latest addition to the collection is hidden inside the console.. A spacious drawer with plenty of storage room and a variable inner drawer open to reveal the perfect storage system.. As an optional extra, a triple power socket can be mounted in the drawer and underneath the console..  ...   the technology being invisible.. Even equipment placed on top of the console can be ‘powered up’.. The SMART makes organising cables easy thanks to variably positionable magnets.. The cables run underneath the console or through the metal frame, skilfully kept out of sight.. Three sizes (100, 120 and 140 cm), 32 different surface and body colours as well as three different metal designs (polished chrome, polished smoked chrome and satin chrome) make this sideboard a ‘must have’ for hallways, living areas and home offi ces.. availableversions_smart_en.. jpg.. productdescriptionfile_smart_en.. smart_2d..

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  • Title: Collection Up - Yomei
    Descriptive info: UP is small and refined, but nevertheless comes with some very impressive functions.. As a slim and straight-lined side table, it provides a handy surface next to your sofa or armchair.. It is also ideally suited as a multi-functional table for your laptop, iPad, book etc.. Thanks to the adjustable tabletop, it can be tilted to a comfortable 12° whenever required, making checking your e-mails or thumbing through a novel an even more enjoyable experience.. Versatility  ...   UP is no exception.. The tabletop is available in 32 different surfaces and colours.. Materials such as leather, high gloss lacquer and macassar veneer highlight the distinctive qualities of this elegant table.. The frame is chrome plated and comes in a choice of three finishes: polished chrome, polished smoked chrome and satin chrome.. Dimensions, Up I and Up II: 40 x 60 x 37 cm ( W x H x D ).. availableversions_up_en.. Up Video.. productdescriptionfile_up_en.. up_2d..

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