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  • Title: Introduction Package: Welcome to TYPO3
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to navigation.. Skip to content.. Introduction Package.. Customer login.. First Level Navigation.. Get Started.. About TYPO3.. Features.. Customizing TYPO3.. Resources.. Examples.. Feedback.. Second Level Navigation.. Home.. Congratulations.. , you have succesfully installed TYPO3.. So what's next ?.. Grab a cup of coffee and start browsing through this site to learn why TYPO3 is the most powerful open source content management system.. Check out the sample pages in the "examples" section of this website or.. Log into TYPO3.. Get involved!.. How  ...   during the installation process.. This password has been assigned to four different demo users with different levels of access:.. admin.. advanced_editor.. simple_editor.. news_editor.. The password you chose is also the master password for the install tool —the vital configuration center for your TYPO3 installation.. Footer.. Powered by.. TYPO3.. Enterprise Open Source CMS.. Donate.. org.. Related Links.. TYPO3 Documentation.. TYPO3 Books.. TYPO3 Mailing Lists.. TYPO3 Usergroups.. TYPO3 Events.. TYPO3 Wiki.. TYPO3 in social networks.. The TYPO3 Introduction Package by the.. TYPO3 community.. is licensed:..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: Customer login
    Descriptive info: Login to this website.. You are currently not logged in.. Visitors who have an account can login to the website to get access to protected pages and content on this website.. By default this website has 2 user accounts installed which you can use to test this feature:.. Username.. : customer1.. Password:.. customer1.. This user has access to all protected content on the default site.. Use  ...   access to the 'Any login page'.. Use this link to log in as someone.. Finally, this particular piece of text will disappear as soon as a visitor logs in.. This is done by choosing 'Hide at login' in the Access tab of the content record.. Login box.. User login.. Enter your username and password here in order to log in on the website:.. Username:.. Forgot your password?..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: About TYPO3
    Descriptive info: History.. Community.. TYPO3 - The Enterprise CMS.. TYPO3 is a free, open source content management framework designed to simplify the creation of feature-rich websites that can be updated by nontechnical editors.. It is written in PHP and is compatible with a number of popular databases, including MySQL.. Feature-rich and Extensible Core.. TYPO3 stands out among other content management systems because of the impressive array of functionality that is incorporated into its core.. This extensive core functionality allows users to quickly develop sophisticated sites with out-of-the-box TYPO3 installations.. Moreover, TYPO3's well-documented extension-based architecture makes it possible for the system to grow to meet the unique needs of each individual or organization.. During the course of the last ten years, tens of thousands of TYPO3  ...   weblogs.. Dedicated to Open Source.. TYPO3 is maintained by a nonprofit core development team and an active worldwide community of users.. TYPO3 operates under the.. GPL license.. TYPO3 History.. TYPO3 was conceived by Danish developer Kasper Skårhøj in 1997.. The idea was to solve what had emerged as a problem for the young internet—as websites grew, the need to separate the management of design and content became apparent.. By August 2000, the core components were distributed to a development community that extended the concept and functionality of TYPO3 into the robust, and richly featured CMS that it is today.. TYPO3 now runs more than 500,000 websites worldwide and powers sites for many esteemed institutions, including Cisco Systems, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, and Harvard University..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: Features
    Descriptive info: Feature Complete Out-of-the-box.. TYPO3 is unique in the quantity and quality of features that are part of its core.. While there are over 4,500 extensions in the TYPO3 extension repository, the following features are present without having to install any community-developed extensions.. Ease of Use.. TYPO3 is built around content management concepts that are intuitive and easy to master.. Pages are organized into a hierarchical page tree.. Each piece of content is clearly represented in the page module.. All records can be accessed with a universal list module.. Built-in WYSIWYG editors allow non-technical users to efficiently and effectively manage content.. Versioning and Workspaces.. TYPO3 contains built-in versioning functionality that allows users to revert content to a previous version with ease.. TYPO3 also features “workspaces,” which make it possible for users to edit content in one or more draft workspaces, and to confirm editorial approval before content is published.. Multi-Language and Multiple Domains.. Support for multiple domains within a single TYPO3 installation and for multiple languages are built-in to the TYPO3 core and are integrated at every  ...   have complete and total control of their front-end markup, CSS, and javascript, down to the most minute details.. Front-end Editing.. While the back-end offers complete control over all site content, TYPO3 also includes a front-end editing interface for even faster, more intuitive content management by nontechnical editors.. Enterprise Features.. In addition to everything one would expect in a sophisticated content management system, TYPO3 also possesses a number of important enterprise features including content-specific caching backends, a database abstraction layer, documented serviced-based APIs for authentication, well-defined interfaces for third-party systems integration, reporting tools, a digital asset manager, and an interface for scheduled jobs.. And More.. For a full list of all that the TYPO3 core has to offer, take a look at the feature matrix on typo3.. com.. Or browse the list of over 4,500 extensions on the TYPO3 extension repository.. Upgrading TYPO3? No problem.. From its inception TYPO3 has emphasized the importance of stable APIs and full backwards-compatibility.. The TYPO3 core team follows a regular release schedule and take great care to ensure easy, non-breaking updates..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: Customizing TYPO3
    Descriptive info: 4,500 Extensions and Counting.. TYPO3 is an extremely modular system that can be easily enhanced with custom extensions.. All TYPO3 sites are built on top of the TYPO3 core, which contains the system's fundamental functionality.. Custom extensions interact with the core through the stable, clearly documented extension API.. While the TYPO3 core does change in each new release, the interfaces between extensions and the core do not, ensuring easy updates and future-proof development.. The TYPO3 Extension Manager.. TYPO3 relies on the TYPO3 extension manager— included in the TYPO3 core—for installing, activating, and deactivating extensions on a given TYPO3 installation.. Extensions can be quickly imported and installed with just a couple clicks in the  ...   versions of TYPO3 include a built-in Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework called extBase, which allows developers to take advantage of this popular PHP design pattern.. FLUID: Next Generation Templating.. Fluid—TYPO3's next generation templating system—is used for creating custom extension templates.. Fluid was created for TYPO3 5.. 0, currently under development, and has been back-ported to the TYPO3 4.. x branch.. Fluid's approach to creating templates emphasizes simplicity, flexibility, extensibility, and easy of use.. Extensive Configuration Options.. Nearly every aspect of the TYPO3 backend is configurable and customizable.. Backend interfaces can often be configured using TSConfig.. Nearly all rendered HTML content can be configured using Typoscript, a declarative configuration language used throughout TYPO3 for controlling front-end output..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: Resources
    Descriptive info: Consultancies.. Documentation.. TYPO3 Association.. TYPO3: A True Open Source Community.. A widespread, international community of users and developers contributes to the ongoing evolution and success of TYPO3.. Get acquainted with the latest enhancements, view tutorials, screen shots, and sample sites at the hub of the TYPO3 community—.. typo3.. Follow some of the links below to connect with like-minded users and developers.. Core Team.. Development and maintenance of TYPO3—and all of its built-in modules and features—is led by the core team, a group of 30 volunteers and developers sponsored, in part, by the non-profit TYPO3 Association.. Extension Developers.. The.. 4,500+ extensions.. of TYPO3 are created by savvy, enthusiastic users (like you!), and can be found in the vast.. TYPO3 Extension Repository.. (TER).. Here you will find everything from simple site templates to advanced plug-ins as well as user-generated documentation and tutorials.. Finding Help..  ...   meeting other members of the TYPO3 community.. Help is also available through Internet Relay Chat on the.. TYPO3 IRC Channel.. If you want to join, log in to your favorite IRC client and direct it to irc.. freenode.. net, channel #typo3.. For more help in developing your project with TYPO3, consider also the services of one of many.. approved consultancies.. that offer professional help with TYPO3 projects.. Pick Up a Book!.. The following titles are now available at Amazon.. com and other online booksellers:.. TYPO3: Enterprise Content Management.. Building Websites with TYPO3: A practical guide to getting your TYPO3 website up and running fast.. TYPO3 4.. 3 Multimedia Cookbook.. Mastering TypoScript: TYPO3 Website, Template, and Extension Development.. TYPO3 Extension Development.. By buying a book through these links you are supporting the TYPO3 Association with a small percentage of the book's (unchanged) price..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: Examples
    Descriptive info: Languages characters.. Text.. Headers.. Text and images.. Images with links.. Image groups.. Image effects.. Tables.. Frames.. Lists.. File downloads.. Forms.. News.. Site map.. Content Management Made Easy.. To help get you started with TYPO3, we’ve included usage examples of the core content elements that have made TYPO3 so popular.. These examples illustrate how straight out-of-the-box, TYPO3 delivers a vast amount of freedom to content editors.. Unlike more static content management systems, TYPO3 content management  ...   the left, to see examples of each core content element.. Feel free to log into the TYPO3 backend to see how easily these content elements (and pages) can be created, deleted, and modified!.. Limitless Possibilities.. The content elements that appear on subpages are just the core content elements.. TYPO3 can be easily extended to include custom content elements.. It is also possible to create dynamic, database-driven content elements (plug-ins) using the TYPO3 extension API..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: Feedback
    Descriptive info: You Make TYPO3 Better!.. TYPO3 has always been about its users and about inspiring people to share.. Share your experiences with us.. Send us a note.. Let us know how we can improve TYPO3 or, even better, let us know how you think you can improve TYPO3.. We’re  ...   Introduction Package.. This TYPO3 Introduction Package is maintained at.. forge.. typo3.. , which is a repository and collaborative tool used by core and community TYPO3 developers.. If you have any issues with the Introduction Package or suggestions for improvements please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: Search
    Descriptive info: Search.. Search form.. Search for:..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: Customer login
    Descriptive info: Please enter your username or email address.. Instructions for resetting the password will be immediately emailed to you.. Username or email address:.. Return to login form..

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  • Title: Introduction Package: History
    Descriptive info: A Mature, Reliable CMS.. TYPO3 is a mature, stable, and secure platform that has been actively developed and improved for over ten years.. Unlike many newer, less sophisticated CMS solutions, TYPO3 is a full-grown, enterprise CMS that has been widely adopted by companies of all sizes across the world, and is an established standard throughout many universities, governments and organizations.. From an Individual to a Vibrant Community.. In 1997, Kasper Skårhøj began developing TYPO3 from scratch.. At the time, the term Content Management was still widely unheard of.. Today there are many open source and proprietary CMS solutions on the market, but none come close to TYPO3 in terms of sheer functionality and maturity.. After more than ten years of active, incremental development, TYPO3 is effectively feature-complete, making it an extremely compelling  ...   open source project that draws its strength from the imagination and ingenuity of those who use it.. You do not have to pay a licensing fee for TYPO3 and you never will—leading to significantly reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) in both the short and long-term.. Why TYPO3?.. In the late 1990s, after an evening of tireless development, Kasper Skårhøj—the creator of TYPO3—inadvertently entered a typo into the command line, instantly deleting over a week’s worth of work.. After the initial shock at his mistake subsided, Kasper went back to work and eventually realized that the new code was significantly better than what he had lost.. A typo, it seemed, had led him to build an even better product.. Struck by this reminder that we can benefit from our mistakes, TYPO3 was born..

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  • Archived pages: 72