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  • Title: IBA Urban Redevelopment Saxony-Anhalt 2010
    Descriptive info: .. International.. Building Exhibition.. Urban Redevelopment.. Saxony-Anhalt.. 2010.. Less is.. Future.. Contact.. Sitemap.. Imprint.. Monitor.. de.. /.. en.. Search.. 19 Cities 19 Themes.. Aschersleben.. Bernburg (Saale).. Bitterfeld-Wolfen.. Dessau-Roßlau.. Halberstadt.. Halle (Saale).. Hansestadt Stendal.. Köthen (Anhalt).. Lutherstadt Eisleben.. Lutherstadt Wittenberg.. Magdeburg.. Merseburg.. Naumburg (Saale).. Quedlinburg.. Sangerhausen.. Schönebeck (Elbe).. Staßfurt.. Wanzleben.. Weißenfels.. Conclusion.. Since the closure of the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010 this website is not updated anymore but it can be used as archives.. The IBA office finished its work  ...   2010 embraces the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt as a laboratory for the city of tomorrow.. Exemplary and innovative urban redevelopment tools are put to the test in 19 cities, which are affected by demographic change.. Welcome.. Initial Situation.. Facts.. Principles.. Theses.. International Building Exhibition.. Discourses and topics.. City types.. Landscape.. Education.. Structural legacy.. Identity.. Climate Change.. Debate on shrinkage.. Partners and process.. Funding.. Stakeholder.. Methods.. Presentation 2010.. Communication.. Catalogue.. Books.. Publications.. Visit.. Press.. Lectures.. IBA STADTUMBAU 2010.. Land Sachsen-Anhalt..

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  • Title: Contact : IBA Stadtumbau 2010
    Descriptive info: International Building Exhibition (IBA) Urban Redevelopment 2010.. Along with the closure of the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010 the IBA office has finished its work by 31 December 2010 and has been liquidated.. You may refer to the ordering authority, the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt, represented by the Ministery for Regional Development and Transport of the Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt:.. Ministerium für Landesentwicklung und  ...   +49-391 / 5 67-01.. telefax: +49-391 / 5 67 75 10.. e-mail: vieth@mlv.. sachsen-anhalt.. de.. You may refer also to the partners in the IBA office:.. SALEG Sachsen-Anhaltinische Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH.. Turmschanzenstraße 26.. telephone: +49-391 / 85 03 3.. telefax: +49-391 / 85 03 40 1.. e-mail: info@saleg.. Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.. Gropiusallee 38.. 06846 Dessau-Roßlau.. telephone: +49-340 / 6508-250.. telefax: +49-340 / 6508-226.. e-mail: werkstatt@bauhaus-dessau..

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  • Title: Sitemap : IBA Stadtumbau 2010
    Descriptive info: Home.. IBA Office GbR.. Board of Trustees.. Steering Committee.. IBA-Referat.. Evaluation.. IBA Cities.. Town Network.. International Congresses.. 2008.. 2007.. 2006.. Project.. Protagonists in Conversation.. Presentations.. Specialised tours..

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  • Title: Internationale Bauausstellung Stadtumbau Sachsen-Anhalt 2010
    Descriptive info: Internationale.. Bauausstellung.. Stadtumbau.. Sachsen-Anhalt.. Weniger ist.. Zukunft.. Kontakt.. Kalender.. Presse.. Impressum.. Suche.. 19 Städte 19 Themen.. Abschluss.. Seit dem Abschluss der IBA Stadtumbau 2010 wird dieses Internetangebot nicht mehr aktualisiert, es kann aber als Archiv genutzt werden.. Das IBA-Büro hat zum 31.. 12.. 2010 seine Arbeit beendet und wurde aufgelöst.. Kontaktmöglichkeiten.. Neue Mitte Staßfurt ausgezeichnet.. IBA in Barcelona ausgezeichnet.. IBA-Ausstellung  ...   macht ganz Sachsen-Anhalt zum Labor für die Stadt von morgen.. In 19 Städten, die vom demografischen Wandel betroffen sind, werden beispielhaft neue Werkzeuge des Stadtumbaus erprobt.. Grußwort.. Ausgangslage.. Fakten.. Grundsätze.. Thesen.. Internationale Bauausstellung.. Diskurse und Themen.. Stadtformen.. Landschaft.. Bildung.. Bauliches Erbe.. Identität.. Klimawandel.. Schrumpfungsdebatte.. Partner und Prozess.. Finanzierung.. Macher.. Chronologie.. Methoden.. Internationaler Austausch.. Kommunikation.. Katalog.. Bücher.. Studien.. Broschüren.. Besuchen.. Vorträge..

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  • Title: Search : IBA Stadtumbau 2010
    Descriptive info: Your search term should be at least 3 characters.. Separate multiple keywords with blanks of each other.. The output of the search results are sorted by relevance (in descending order).. The relevance is determined by the frequency of your search terms.. Enter search word:..

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  • Title: 19 Cities – 19 Themes : IBA Stadtumbau 2010
    Descriptive info: Each of the 43 cities taking part in the German federal government programme Urban Redevelopment East was invited to participate in the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010.. Of this group, up to 2008, 19 tendered their applications to the IBA steering committee.. This committee reached decisions on the inclusion of the cities and their themes, assessed biannually the progress of work on the development of these themes and their associated projects and decided annually on the cities continued participation in the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010.. The themes of the IBA cities reveal the achievable profile of a form of urban development which, given the continued population decline and reduction in public funds, focuses on their inherent architectonic, cultural, social and economic resources.. Over a million people live in the 19 IBA cities almost half of Saxony-Anhalt s population..  ...   and 3,500.. The IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010 addresses, in an exemplary fashion, the future development potentials and strategies of cities which lack the dynamic developments of neighbouring metropolitan regions.. IBA-Städte im Überblick.. : From the Outside to the Inside Focussing on the Centre.. : Generating a Future in Education Learning at the Centre.. : Network Town.. : Urban cores Landscape Zones.. : Cultivating Empty Space.. : Balancing Act: Dual City.. : Central Town in a Rural Region.. : Homoeopathy as a Development Force.. : Common Responsibility Redeveloping Luther s Town.. : Campus Wittenberg.. : Living alongside and with the Elbe.. : New Milieus New Opportunities.. : City Formation Citizenry and Building Culture.. : Perspective: World Cultural Heritage.. : Rating Livable Neighbourhoods.. : Seventeen Seventy-Four.. : Relinquishing the Old Centre.. : Family Town.. : A Time for Founders..

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  • Title: Aschersleben : IBA Stadtumbau 2010
    Descriptive info: From the Outside to the Inside Focussing on the Centre.. IBA City from 2003.. Aschersleben is routing shrinkage from the perimeter towards the centre: demolition on the outskirts is accompanied by improvements in the central areas.. Public services, educational, and retail facilities are being moved to the centre.. The existing ring road separating the old historic town from its 19th century extensions plays a central role: 75 per cent of residential buildings here are empty.. Selective demolition, implanting  ...   road more attractive.. A DRIVE THRU gallery has been set up on several vacant properties, and a further education centre is being established on a former industrial site.. The Eine river is being re-routed to link-up with the historic old town.. Booklet Aschersleben.. Download.. Data format:.. pdf.. , Filesize: 6 MB.. Info:.. Population.. (Municipal Area of 2010).. 1989: 40.. 806.. 2009:.. 29.. 642.. 2025: 22.. 623 (Future Prospect).. Municipal Area:.. 156,2 qkm.. IBA-Stadt-Monitor.. www.. aschersleben.. IBA-Website of Aschersleben..

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  • Title: Bernburg (Saale) : IBA Stadtumbau 2010
    Descriptive info: Generating a Future in Education Learning at the Centre.. IBA City from 2005.. Almost 20 per cent of secondary-level students left school without qualifications in 2003.. Businesses are no longer able to fill vacancies with qualified personnel from local areas.. Bernburg has established a new educational model for secondary schools to counter the trend.. Until 2012, Bernburg s three secondary schools will be merged into an all-day Campus Technicus facility, whose new building complex  ...   and statutory partners as well as with the participation of parents and students teachers have devised a new concept for more practical learning.. One of Bernburg s principal traditional educational facilities, its Music College, has been awarded new premises in the chateau.. Booklet Bernburg (Saale).. , Filesize: 6.. 1 MB.. Population.. (Municipal Area of 2010).. 1989: 47.. 761.. 36.. 029.. 2025: 27.. 265 (Future Prospect).. Municipal Area.. : 113,45 qkm.. bernburg.. IBA-Webseite of Bernburg..

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  • Title: Bitterfeld-Wolfen : IBA Stadtumbau 2010
    Descriptive info: Network Town.. Already before Bitterfeld and Wolfen merged to one city by 1st July 2007 both cities participated in the IBA Urban Redevelopment 2010 beteiligt.. Since 2007, Bitterfeld and Wolfen have amalgamated with four other communities: Holzweissig, Greppin, Thalheim, and later Bobbau.. Regional amalgamation has raised the potential of a new organisational and spatial concept: functions have been concentrated, parallel structures disbanded.. Outlining new locations to attract businesses and establish new educational institutions is being  ...   joint central town hall was set up at the former IG Farben headquarters at Wolfen.. The individual strengths of each part region have been identified, and reinforcing links between each high-profile bit is intended to create an overall stronger municipality and a sustainable identity for the new network city of Bitterfeld-Wolfen.. Booklet Bitterfeld-Wolfen.. , Filesize: 5.. 5 MB.. 1989: 76.. 147.. 2009: 46.. 355.. 2025: 35.. 859 (Future Prospect).. 87,31 qkm.. bitterfeld-wolfen.. Webseite des Netzstadtforums..

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  • Title: Dessau-Roßlau : IBA Stadtumbau 2010
    Descriptive info: Urban Cores Landscape Zones.. The IBA city Dessau merged with effect to 1 July 2007 with Roßlau (Elbe) into the city of Dessau-Roßlau which participates in the IBA Urban Redevelopment since then.. Dessau-Roßlau is projected to shrink over the long term, evolving into a city with small, stable core areas with specific urban qualities.. The core areas will be improved and their social networks strengthened.. The demolition of surplus housing will occur mainly in the areas that lie between these,  ...   The landscape design will adopt principles from the Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm.. The demolition sites will be planted with so-called wild meadows , which allow diverse and easily maintained landscapes to quickly flourish, forming the basis of the new landscape zone.. The city offers citizens and initiatives the chance to sponsor specific plots of land, thereby taking responsibility for their maintenance and use.. Booklet Dessau-Roßlau.. 1989: 119.. 377.. 2009: 88.. 153.. 2025: 78.. 681 (Future Prospect).. 244,64 qkm.. dessau-rosslau.. IBA-Website of Dessau-Roßlau..

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  • Title: Halberstadt : IBA Stadtumbau 2010
    Descriptive info: Cultivating Empty Space.. Emptiness has become a fixture in the old town of Halberstadt since World War II.. With a shrinking population, reconstructing the old town in its historical dimensions has become an obsolete target.. Ultimately, the town will remain perforated.. Though gaps could be filled structurally, this should be avoided in favour of  ...   Temporary as well as long-term interventions and art events in Halberstadt have creatively placed these voids in the focus of public attention, revealing both positive and negative aspects of their potential as a useful urban asset.. Booklet Halberstadt.. 1989: 53.. 086.. 2009: 42.. 939.. 2025: 34.. 717 (Future Prospect).. 142,97 qkm.. halberstadt.. IBA-Website of Halberstadt..

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  • Archived pages: 262