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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - STARTSITE
    Descriptive info: .. NEWS.. About us.. CONTACT.. Shooting range.. INFORMATION.. Timetable.. Results.. Lists.. Accreditation.. Entry Fees.. Weapon Importation.. Route Directions.. Activities.. Banquet.. ESC CUP.. NSSV Plaza.. Day of sports.. GALERIE.. Impressum.. Next ISCH: 22.. -28.. 04.. 2013 |.. ISCH has Ended |.. First Results |.. News.. 2013.. ISCH has Ended.. First Results.. Partner.. Internal Login.. Username:.. Password:.. Remember me.. Lost your password?.. STARTSITE.. ATTENTION.. if you couldn`t see the Menue in the Top, update  ...   ISCH!.. You will find all Information, Forms and Details of this competition in Hannover, Germany, on the following pages.. Finden Sie hier alle Informationen bezüglich Formularen, Zeiten, Impressionen und vielem mehr auf den folgenden Seiten.. We would be very happy to welcome you as a guest or participant.. Wir würden uns freuen, auch Sie hier einmal als Sportler oder Gast begrüßen zu dürfen.. Deutsch.. English.. Participants.. Statistiken.. 2011-2012.. Stahl, Alle Rechte vorbehalten.. |..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - Just another WordPress site
    Descriptive info: von.. bernhard.. am.. 16.. 05.. 2012.. ISCH 2013:.. 22.. The ISCH has ended and all shooters found their way home.. We hope that everybody enjoyed this experience and the competitions, not to forget The Banquet.. We have fought to make all the ideas we had real.. Yes, we have learnt many lessons, especially regarding the inclusion of handicapped sportives.. We have to say thank you for your understanding of the various problems, particularly the transportation.. For next year, we have resolved this problem yesterday.. ! So we look foward to the improvements in 2013 for the next ISCH which will be held from the 22.. 2013! Thank you for your participation.. See you next year.. Your Team ISCH.. 09.. THe first competitions were held with successfull results.. Take a look in the result Lists.. The Banquet is online! Book now!.. 27.. The Banquet.. is the greatest highlight of the ISCH Programme.. The Hotel Wienecke XI offers a Grand Buffet with Soup, 2 Hot Dishes, Salad`s, Deserts and much more.. Take a look at the Menu and you will be surprised what is on offer for only 15,- €! The DJ starts his big Party at about 09:30pm/21:30hrs.. We will also have the the last presentation of Medals for competitions held on Saturday.. The highlight of this event is to meet your friends from all over the world.. So be a part of it and book right now to get the best seats.. We look forward to seeing you there.. Information Lists go online!.. 26.. The information lists are now available to view online! We  ...   for that delay.. Thanks to all for making this a great and fully booked competition.. Record number of Starts!.. 28.. 03.. The Olympic games are proving to be good news for Hannover.. It appears that every Nation is using ISCH as a serious competition, prior to the Olympics.. This has resulted in a record number of starts for ISCH 2012.. Over 700 Athletes have entered, making the number of starts 1350 in all disciplines.. The team travelling the furthest is from New Zealand.. Others that are also travelling long distances are the Australian and Mexican Teams.. We are also pleased to welcome teams from the USA and most European countries, as well as German regional teams.. One of the most exciting competitions during ISCH will be the German Olympic Qualification Shoot on the Sunday.. We shall also be hosting the Walther European Cup Matches over the weekend.. In addition to all these competitors, we are delighted to welcome suppliers to the Shooting Sport, firms such as Walther and Feinwerkbau who will be displaying their products and services, together with Lapua who will be offering a free ammunition testing facility.. So it will be a great Event!.. We look forward to welcoming you here.. Sport Integration at ISCH.. The ISCH becomes a pioneer of integration in sport.. For the first time abled and disabled athletes start together in the Olympic Shooting Disciplines.. At ISCH we would like to demonstrate the exceptional possibilities that our sport of shooting allows.. It is no longer a future issue.. So visit the ISCH to see the future face of sport!..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - About us
    Descriptive info: Theme.. Link.. Contact.. =.. The actual timetable plus a detailed pdf-Form included the stages!.. Shooting Range.. The Result service will start after the first competitions!.. The lower Saxony Shooting Federation.. A presentation of the Federation which is your host!..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - CONTACT
    Descriptive info: OC President.. Reinhard Zimmer.. Tel.. : +49-(0)511-22 00 21 19.. email: zimmer@nssv-hannover.. de.. Managing Director.. Philip Bernhard.. : +49-(0)511-22 00 21 17.. email: bernhard@nssv-hannover.. Mobil: +49-(0)163-3322888.. Office NSSV.. Wilkenburgerstrasse 30.. Ger 30519 Hannover.. Telefon +49(0)511-220021-0.. Fax: +49(0)511-220021-21.. email: isch@nssv-hannover..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - Shooting range
    Descriptive info: under.. construction..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - Timetable
    Descriptive info: Actualized: 10.. 2012,.. 07:30 hour / 7:30 pm.. Timetable.. (inkl.. heats):.. Hannover / Braunmschweig RT.. Timetable 2012:.. day.. date.. discipline.. categories.. Monday.. 07.. 2012.. Pilzen Shuttle.. Start 09:00 am/ Pilzen Shooting range.. Tuesday.. 08.. free training.. for all disciplines.. Wednesday.. 50m pistol.. 25m pistol.. 10m Crossbow.. men / junior men /SH1-P4.. 08:30-12:00.. SH1/P3 m-w.. 15:30-17:30.. Men/women/Junior men /Junior female.. Thursday.. 10.. air pistol.. sb 3 40.. sb 3 20.. air rifle..  ...   female junior.. SH2/R4 m/w / SH1/R6.. Friday.. 11.. sb 3x 40.. ladies / female juniors /.. men incl.. SH1/R7.. women incl.. SH1/R2/ female / male.. SH2/R9 m/w.. Saturday.. 12.. Centre Fire Pistol.. air rifle prone.. banquet.. open category.. SH1/R6 / junior men / ladies incl.. SH1/R6 / female junior.. SH1/P2 / female juniors.. SH2/R5 m-w / SH1/R3 m-w.. Entry 19:30 pm.. Sunday.. 13.. standard pistol.. sb 3x 20.. ladies incl.. SH1/R8.. SH1/R1..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - Results
    Descriptive info: P3/SH1 25m Pistol.. P3/SH1 Sportpistole.. No Team.. 50m Pistol Men.. Freie Pistole Herren.. R4/SH2 Air Rifle.. R4/SH2 Luftgewehr.. 50m Pistol Junior Men.. Freie Pistole Junioren.. 50m 3Pos.. Junior women.. KK 3x 20 Juniorinnen.. R6/SH1 50m prone.. R6/SH1 KK Liegend.. Junior men.. KK 3x 40 Junioren.. Air Pistol Men.. Luftpistole Herren.. Air Pistol Junior Men.. Luftpistole Junioren.. R9/SH2 prone m/w.. R9/SH2 liegend m/w.. Rapid Fire Pistol Men.. OSP Herren.. Rapid Fire Pistol Junior Men.. OSP Junioren.. 10m Air Rifle women.. Luftgewehr Damen.. 10m Air Rifle junior women.. Luftgewehr Juniorinnen.. 10m Air Rifle junior men.. Luftgewehr Junioren.. Men.. KK 3x 40 Herren..  ...   Air Pistol Women.. Luftpistole Damen.. R3/SH1 Air Rifle.. R3/SH1 Luftgewehr.. Air Pistol Jun.. Luftpistole Juniorinnen.. 50m prone men.. KK liegend Herren.. 50m prone junior men.. KK liegend Junioren.. 50m prone women.. KK liegend Damen.. 50m prone junior women.. KK liegend Juniorinnen.. 25m Center Fire Pistol.. Zentralfeuer Pistole.. Air Rifle Men.. Luftgewehr Herren.. 25m Standard Pistol.. Standard Pistole.. 10m Running Target Women.. 10m lfd.. Scheibe Damen.. 10m Running Target Men.. Scheibe Herren.. 10m RT MIX Women.. 10m LS MIX Damen.. 10m RT MIX Men.. 10m LS MIX Herren.. 50m Running Target Men.. 50m lfd.. 50m RT MIX Men.. 50m LS MIX Herren..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - Lists
    Descriptive info: Vorschau der Änderungen.. Title of List.. pdf.. Term.. Actual starts.. (Hannover).. online.. Actual starts.. (running Target/ BS).. see Startlist.. Participants.. in alphabetical Order.. (running Target / BS).. Startlisten of Disziplins.. Hannover.. Startlist of Disziplins.. Braunschweig, RT.. Hotel Booking list.. (Braunschweig/running target).. We have block booked several hotels near to the shooting range.. If you want to use our booking service please book only by us.. The hotels accept only the bookings from our Organizing Team!.. If we need more Hotels we will try to organize the different Houses so that we could guarantee an optimal running service.. In spite of this you could get the confirmations earliest 2  ...   booked.. Transport Service Hannover -City.. Arrival:.. Departure:.. We offer a transportation service from the airport to the shooting range and hotel.. Please, use only.. our Shuttle service form.. which you will find in the accreditation section !.. Transport Service Pilzen – Hannover.. We offer a transportation service from the Grand Prix of Pilzen to The ISCH in Hannover for simpler planning than the use of planes or train.. The fee is: 70,-€ per Person.. This service will be organised with a minimum number of 20 Persons or more.. Please use.. only.. the transportation form.. , which you will find in the part of accreditation.. Aktualisiert: 06.. 2012, 10:08 Uhr..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - Accreditation
    Descriptive info: Formulartitel.. original.. Invitation ISCH.. Invitation ISCH Running Target.. Preleminary Registration.. Final Nomination Form Rifle.. Final Nomination Form Pistole.. Final Nomination Form Running Target.. Final Nomination Form Crossbow.. Hotelformular.. We have booked the nearest Hotels to the range, so please use our special room-offer to get your accomodation.. We have negotiated special prices for you.. Please use  ...   details, then you won t miss any important information.. After the final closing date, you will get confirmation of all bookings, rooms and shuttle services.. Transportservice Hannover-City.. Transportservice Pilzen Hannover.. Please fill out all forms completely so we have all necessary information required for us to organise everything on your behalf.. Thank you for your assistance!..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - Entry Fees
    Descriptive info: Fee.. price.. single start:.. 25,-€.. single start junior:.. 20,-€.. team:.. 10,- €.. Banquet:.. 15,-€.. Pilzen- Shuttle*.. 70,-€.. *This service can be offered as long as we have a minimum of 20 Persons!..

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  • Title: ISCH – International Shooting Competitions of Hannover - Weapon Importation
    Descriptive info: Weapon Importation Rules!.. This is only required by Countries which are not in the European Union and only for Cartridge Firearms!.. Please complete these 2 forms at least three weeks before your arrival, so we can return to you the accepted forms from our government which you need in order to import your firearms to Germany without problems.. We also  ...   a small bore firearm!.. - flight details (from to/ flight number).. Association Form.. Weapon Form.. Attention:.. Competitors from European Union Member States.. and Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.. need a European Union Firearm s License.. If you do not hold this Licence:.. You must get an export-single-form from your authority.. We could only organize the importation-papers for Germany with this form..

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