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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel
    Descriptive info: .. Diese Seite verwendet Frames.. Frames werden von Ihrem Browser aber nicht unterstützt..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel
    Descriptive info: Products:.. AKP.. UKN - Ultraskop.. UltraGraph.. BBES.. BBES-VS LCD.. LituBox.. LituGraph.. LituSystem.. LituPlot.. HYDROSEARCH.. Service:.. CTH - Hydrograph.. HVK - Hydrograph.. company.. contact.. in deutsch..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel: Company presentation
    Descriptive info: company presentation.. We are a developer and manufacturer of echo sounders for.. navigation.. ,.. hydrography.. and.. surveying.. for more than 50 years.. We deliver equipments for survey ships and for coastal engineering.. We manufacture hydrographic echo sounders with intelligent digitizers as well as water level, tide, wave, wave run-up recorders and digitizers for data storage at magnetic tapes and discs or HDD of personal computers.. We are manufacturing all kinds of special equipments.. Our products:.. Shallow water echo sounders.. ULTRASKOP UKN 51L.. with / without data output.. Black-Box echo sounders.. with data output.. Handheld echo sounders.. Acoustic Sounding Rod AKP.. with battery.. Recording echo sounders.. HYDROGRAPH HVK.. and  ...   bottom relief recording.. PC-based multi-frequency echo sounders.. XL.. with graphical display of the echo recording at one or more LCD/TFT displays, raw data storage, digitizer, annotated markerlines, input of position fix and GPS-time.. Multibeam sounding systems.. , simultaneously working with vertically sounding transducers, seriell data output and several working possibilities:.. as acoustical sounding frame for detection of obstacles in waterways.. as area sounding system for hydrographic surveys.. as double-frequency area survey system for bottom layer detection.. Manufacturing of.. transducers.. of several frequencies: 15, 30,100, 200,350, 700 kHz and the combinations 15/100, 15/200, 30/200 kHz.. Software design of.. data conversion.. between sensors and data storage system.. Dr.. Fahrentholz - Kiel..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel: Acoustic Sounding Rod
    Descriptive info: Acoustic Sounding Rod.. AKP 51L 30/ 50/ 700.. Handhold echo sounder with incorporated batteries for water depth measurements close by bridge piers, sheet pilings, quays etc.. - data output possible.. Print datasheet.. Technical specifications:.. Sound frequencies.. 30, 200, 700 kHz.. Ranges.. 0 -.. 2.. 5  ...   m.. 0 - 100 m.. Range shift.. in steps from 0 to 15 m.. Beam width.. 30 kHz: ± 6°.. 200 kHz: ± 3°.. 700 kHz: ± 1°.. Minimum water depth.. 0,1 m / 700 kHz.. Mai voltage.. Battery.. Digital output.. possible.. Technical modifications possible !..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel: UKN - Ultraskop
    Descriptive info: Shallow water echo sounder.. UKN 51L 100 / 200.. Sound frequency.. 100, 200 kHz.. External trigger.. Dimensions of display unit.. 235 mm x 125 mm x 165 mm.. Main voltage.. 24 Vdc / 0,4 A.. Distances to compass.. 0,3 m..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel: Ultragraph
    Descriptive info: UltraGraph.. Echo Sounder for shallow water.. with LCD-Display.. Technical Specifications:.. 100 kHz, 200 kHz.. Ranges.. bis 200 m.. Minimum water depth with 2 transducers.. 0,1 m.. NMEA-String.. 24 Vdc.. Storage of digital data.. on harddisk with position and time.. Data-Replay..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel: Black box echo sounder
    Descriptive info: Black box echo sounder.. BBES 30/ 100 /200 /700.. Single or double frequency hydrographic echo sounder with analogue and digital data transfer to computer systems.. 15, 30, 100, 200, 350, 700 kHz,.. multi frequency sounding possible,.. separate working transducers possible.. Selectable update rate.. 5, 10, 20 Hz.. ~ 100 m.. depends  ...   possible.. Resolution.. ~ 1 cm.. Data output.. V 24 RS 232c.. ~ 0,1 m.. depends on frequency, with separate working transducers.. Sound velocity.. 1500 m/s fixed.. Transducer depth.. 0 cm fixed.. Main voltage.. 12 / 24 Vdc.. Minimal dimensions.. ~ 160 x 260 x 90 mm.. Weight without transducer.. ~ 3 kg..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel: Black Box Echolot Sensor
    Descriptive info: B B E S - V S.. Black-Box Echo Sounder.. with digital data transfer to external computer systems.. Sound velocity andtransducer depth adjustable.. Digital display of depth HF, depth LF, sound velocity, transducer depth.. Digital display.. depth HF, depth LF, sound velocity, transducer depth.. adjustable by -/+ push buttons.. Technical modifications possible!..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel: LituBox
    Descriptive info: Portable.. Splashproof.. Survey Echo Sounder for connection to an external computer.. print datasheet.. Multi frequency sounding possible.. Separate working transducers possible.. Depth ranges selectable.. LED-Elemients for function control.. Digital echo output.. Input for fix data.. Software for data-visualization, storage and replay on cd-rom.. 12, 15, 30, 100, 200, 350 , 700 kHz.. simultaneously multi frequencies sounding possible.. 0 - 16 m.. 0 - 32 m.. 0 - 64 m.. 0 - 128 m.. Resolution.. ~ 1 cm.. Data input.. Input of fix data by external positioning systems.. Data output.. V 24 RS 232 c.. 12 Vdc / 24 Vdc..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel: LituSystem / LituGraph
    Descriptive info: LituSystem / LituGraph.. Datasheet:.. In modern hydrography, all measurements from the array of on-board sensors are processed by computers.. This necessitates that all sensors provide their measured data in digital form.. In echo sounding, in particular, a large number of analogue echoes are converted into a single depth value.. However, in this automatic conversion the user losses informations about the echoes reflected by the top of the soil, by buried sediment layers and by additional reflectors in the water.. This information in the form of the graphical deciption of all the echoes has to be used frequently in postprocessing to verify the depth values automatically determined by the echo sounder system.. To ensure the verifiability of the measured data, the new surveying echo sounders.. /.. have internal computers and show the recorded echoes on a LCD screen instead of using the conventional echo registration on electro-sensitive or thermo-sensitive paper.. The modern display reduces paper usage and eliminates wear problems of the registration mechanics.. Special interface electronics converts the complete echo sequence, including all echoes due to intermediate and sediment reflectors, into a serial digital data stream, which can be received by any convential desktop or notebook computer of sufficient capacity.. The echo sequence can be  ...   are displayed on the screen.. At the same time the graphical deciption is displayed on the screen the complete data stream of the echo sequence is archived on the hard disk of the built-in computer.. The depth value of the main soil echo is saved as well and it can be transferred to ean external analysis module - if one exists.. The data format can be adapted to be compatible with an existing surveying system.. A positioning or annotation system such as differential GPS receivers, laser distance measurements units or external computers can be connected to the LituSystem / LituGraph.. The data strings are marked on the display and are saved onto the hard disk with the echo data.. The data saved on the hard disk can be transferred to any computer using diskettes, ZIP diskettes, CD-ROM or other mobile media.. Furthermore, the built-in computer offers additional possibilities to work with the data or to transfer them, e.. g.. by radio transmission.. In the replay mode, a recorded echograph can be analyzed or verifies on the display of the on-board computer or checked at a computer at the office.. The LituSystem / LituGraph is connected to the ship s power supply (12 / 24 Vdc)..

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  • Title: Dr. Fahrentholz - Kiel: contact
    Descriptive info: LituPLot-Software.. Sorry, this site is under construction.. dr.. fahrentholz@fahrentholz.. de..

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