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  • Title: Sedus - One of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality office furniture - sedus.com
    Descriptive info: .. To enjoy the Sedus website at its best,.. JavaScript must be activated.. Sedus opens.. new showroom.. in Düsseldorf.. My Sedus.. Welcome to Sedus.. Search.. Place 2.. 5.. The magazine.. for productive.. well-being.. Products.. Philosophy.. Company.. References.. Services.. News.. PartnerNET.. PressNET.. ArchitectsNET.. Downloads.. Picture database.. Brochures.. Retailers.. Deutsch.. English.. Français.. Nederlands.. Italiano.. Español.. Home.. Contact.. Sitemap.. Publication details..

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  • Title: Sedus News - Sedus opens new showroom in Düsseldorf
    Descriptive info: Sedus Website.. Print.. Invitation (German), pdf, 109 KB.. November 2012.. Sedus opens new showroom in Düsseldorf.. Sedus, one of Europe's leading office furniture manufacturers, is opening a new showroom at a top address in Düsseldorf's Hafen district on 28 November 2012.. Here, Sedus presents office scenarios of the future for greater  ...   sustainability.. On a total area of 420 square metres, the company introduces its latest products, which debuted at the recent Orgatec 2012 fair.. Sedus Showroom.. Zollhof 13.. D-40221 Düsseldorf.. Tel.. +49 (0) 2 11 9576-4602.. Fax +49 (0) 2 11 9576-4604.. E-mail.. Düsseldorf Showroom.. How to get there.. (pdf, 159 KB)..

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  • Title: Sedus Place 2.5 - sedus.com: The Sedus Stoll AG website
    Descriptive info: The Place 2.. 5 concept.. Subscribe to magazine.. Design.. Ergonomics.. Ecology.. Quality.. 5 – The magazine for productivity and wellbeing.. Each issue of the magazine explores the wide range of ways in which the workplace affects our productivity and wellbeing, how to optimise working conditions as well as the latest thinking on architecture, design and space planning.. Features identify the role played by the best office environments in improving individual and organisational performance.. In addition, there are articles on a range of management and lifestyle issues related to the magazine s central theme.. The magazine is published twice a year in six different languages.. To register for your free subscription, simply fill in the online form.. Please note that the publications and all content including ideas, features, illustrations and images are protected by copyright.. Editorial contact: Public Relations,.. E-Mail.. Issue 7, 10/2012 – Theme: Balance.. In this issue:.. An interview with the explorer Reinhold Messner.. Smells like team spirit  ...   to music A chat about analogies from orchestra conductor and company management.. Sounding good A piece on good sound quality in the office.. Quiet please! Retreats: where to find peace.. Issue 4, 05/2011 – Theme: Blue.. A calming influence: Sedus development centre in Dogern.. How Europe turned blue.. Creative islands The new headquarters of Diesel Jeans.. Issue 3, 11/2010 – Theme: Metamorphosis.. The wondrous transformation of offices The mission of productive well-being.. For noise-filled offices: Room acoustics that look good.. Be yourself! The world according to Hermann Hesse.. Issue 2, 5/2010 – Theme: Sand.. Sand in the fuel tank One in five employees has a latent destructive streak.. Crossing the desert Ten managers take on the Gobi.. When the sandman comes A nap recharges you for office work.. Issue 1, 11/2009 – First issue.. Mood management How the professionals stimulate your senses.. Facelift for offices From Google to Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.. Interview with architect Frank Duffy about office architecture..

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  • Title: Sedus products - sedus.com: The Sedus Stoll AG website
    Descriptive info: Furniture for the office environment.. Sedus office furniture is made exclusively to order and is therefore individually tailored to your requirements.. All our products are available in literally millions of technical and visual variations.. The product range extends from desking and storage unit systems, office seating and conference furniture through to break-out furniture for the most diverse applications.. Brochure Welcome.. Office furniture.. Office seating.. Conference room furniture..

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  • Title: Sedus philosophy - sedus.com: The Sedus Stoll AG website
    Descriptive info: Sedus Mission.. Sedus is committed to making all office work a profitable experience at all times.. For the good of the business and the employees.. Sociologists say that we spend our lives in three places.. The first place is the home.. The second place is our work.. And third places are where we go for leisure.. Although structurally unchanged, the significance of these three places has undergone a major transition.. The status of the home is changing because of the demand for mobility and flexibility.. The  ...   reality it is often an impersonal and emotionless environment.. Third places are a source of stimulation and personal development.. They are where we go to forget about the stresses of the home and work.. The aim is therefore to capture the stimulation of the senses which people find in third places and to recreate this in the office.. The office should become a perfect second place which feels just like a third place.. We call this holistic design concept Place 2.. 5 the new emotional office culture..

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  • Title: The Sedus company - sedus.com: The Sedus Stoll AG website
    Descriptive info: A few words about us.. Sedus Stoll AG.. A company with tradition that has set new standards again and again during a history that goes back over 140 years.. In ergonomics, manufacturing processes and ecology.. A brand which moves people and a brand for people who get things moving.. Sedus is a global player which continually redefines the concept of aesthetic office furniture and gives a new  ...   open-plan and directors offices, Sedus offers furniture solutions for the entire organisation.. Guided by the rules of modern workstation design and tailored to meet the customer s needs.. Countercyclical investments, consistent expansion of our product portfolio and sales expertise are the strategic building blocks that successfully differentiate us from our competitors and give us our strong brand positioning.. United Nations Global Compact.. Facts Figures.. Milestones.. Sustainability.. Addresses.. Showrooms..

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  • Title: Sedus References - sedus.com: The Sedus Stoll AG website
    Descriptive info: Austria.. Belgium.. China.. Estonia.. Germany.. Great Britain.. Hungary.. India.. Italy.. Japan.. Netherlands.. Norway.. Poland.. Romania.. Serbia.. Spain.. Switzerland.. Turkey.. USA.. Architecturally outstanding projects demonstrate the competence of Sedus as manufacturer of both innovative and standard furniture solutions.. The following selection is accompanied by additional information which you can view at the click of your mouse.. Invesco, Milan, Italy.. The Italian subsidiary of the investment company moved into a building opposite the cathedral.. The realised open-space concept has been created by London based ABA Design.. pdf, 353 KB.. Brother, San Felice, Segrate, Italy.. In the middle of a green area, 80 workstations were created primarily for teamwork, while offering flexibility and transparency.. pdf, 295 KB.. CNA Faenza, Ravenna, Italy.. The new office of the Italian Chamber of Crafts includes offices, a large assembly room, training rooms and diverse conference rooms.. pdf, 216 KB.. Simpson Spence & Young, Hongkong, China.. As one of the largest freight and logistics companies for worldwide shipment by sea, Simpson Spence Young built a branch in Hong Kong with around 30 workstations.. pdf, 196 KB.. Sabanci University, Tuzla-Istanbul, Turkey.. On the campus of Sabanci University, a nanotechnology research centre with around 200 workstations was buildt.. pdf, 121 KB.. U|S|E AG, Reutlingen, Germany.. The company U|S|E AG, which installs and integrates photovoltaic systems, has its new headquarters in a wave-shaped buildung.. The spacious, flexible builing structure supports growing and changing processes.. pdf, 568 KB.. Suedwestrundfunk, Stuttgart, Germany.. In the form of a new building the media company SWR brought several units from different locations together.. Workstations for 480 employees have been furnished by Sedus.. pdf, 304 KB.. Direkte Telemarketing GmbH, Call Centre, Stuttgart.. In the main administration offices of the company, the 60 employees of the call centre have workstations arranged in the shape of a star.. pdf, 244 KB.. Sedus Innovation and Development Centre, Dogern, Germany.. Sedus' new building erected on the company premises unifies all development processes under it's roof.. pdf, 793 KB.. Berkeley Homes, London, Great Britain.. Berkeley Homes builds high-quality residential buildings at attractive locations in London and in the south-east of England.. The working areas in the new headquarters are extensively in the form of an open space design.. pdf, 361 KB.. Axis Bank, Mumbai, India.. The Axis Bank is one of the best-known online banks in India and has a very high growth rate.. When designing the work areas in the new headquarters, which primarily consists of open-space offices, the architects adhered to a discreet colour scheme.. pdf, 416 KB.. Diesel, Headquarter, Breganze Italy.. At the southern edge of the Alps all central departments are now united in the new headquarter.. A place 2.. 5 planned and furnished with Sedus.. By 2012, a total of one thousand employees will be working here.. pdf, 1,22 MB.. R + V, Project Building, Wiesbaden, Germany.. Containing all departments on a space of 5500 m² project teams are engaged on central information systems.. Due to flexible meta walls of the mooia series, the working areas can be quickly adapted to changing requirements.. pdf, 473 KB.. R + V Versicherung, New Building, Wiesbaden, Germany.. R + V Versicherung extended its central offices by adding a new building into for 1200 employees.. The building has been furnished with 12,000 items of furniture from Sedus.. pdf, 363 KB.. TUM IAS, Munich, Germany.. The new building of the outstanding educational establishment Technical University of Munich is created as a place of inspiration, meeting location and a space for cooperation for scientists from all over the world.. pdf, 700 KB.. Univar, Essen, Germany.. Together with architect Udo Hasenbein the company planned an open office concept accentuated with bold colours.. pdf, 317 KB.. Aegon, Lytham St Annes, Great Britain.. Aegon, an insurance company with its head office in Edinburgh, has completley restructured its offices in Lytham St Annes.. The building has been designed for 1,000 employees and fitted out with furniture by Sedus.. pdf, 620 KB.. Connext, Paderborn, Germany.. The IT company operating in the social and healthcare sector has moved its headquarters to a new location with workplaces for 140 persons.. pdf, 394 KB.. Interoll, Sinsheim, Germany.. The company which makes modules and components for plant builders has built a new headquarters and a new production building.. pdf, 399 KB.. Space Syntax, London, Great Britain.. The move of the planning office provided the opportunity to adapt the rooms to current needs and thus express the company's intrinsic goals.. The result is a multiplicity of spaces with open structures.. pdf, 308 KB.. ZDF Werbefernsehen, Mainz, Germany.. The ZDF Werbefernsehen moved into a new building on media hill in Mainz.. The new officees are organized in different ways and are supplemented with conference rooms and meeting area.. pdf, 729 KB.. Bauer Media, London, Great Britain.. Bauer Media reorganised its business to improve collaborative working processes and knowledge sharing.. Spacelab provided a solution that was tailored to the working processes of the company.. pdf, 2,83 MB.. Invesco, Frankfurt a.. Main, Germany.. Invesco, one of the world's largest investment companies, has moved into new premisis in Frankfurt.. The interesting ground plan is devided into three areas and the company placed great value on a high-quality and aesthetic design.. pdf, 943 KB.. Zweckverband Ostholstein, Sierksdorf, Germany.. About 210 employees moved into new offices.. Workstations were reorganised and re-designed in mostly open-plan zones.. Bench workstations were created with the temptation furniture system.. pdf, 198 KB.. Devoteam daVinci, Oslo, Norway.. Devoteam daVinci is a consulting company for IT solutions and listed as one of the ten best employers in Norway.. In Oslo recently 90 people moved into their newly designed offices.. pdf, 183 KB.. Avant Grup, Barcelona, Spain.. Located in Barcelona, the Avant Grup is one of the largest Catalonian service providers in the field of private personal transport.. From the new offices employees have a direct view on the fleet.. pdf, 167 KB.. Krogmann Ingenieurholzbau, Lohne-Kroge, Germany.. Inspired by the south-German and Austrian tradition of carpentry, Despang Architekten designed a company headquarters, the work-planning and execution of which were carried out by the client Krogmann.. pdf, 278 KB.. Reursa Incasol, Barcelona, Spain.. Reursa is a public branch of Incasòl.. Acting onbehalf of the Catalonian government, it is dediated to urban problems and coordinates urban-planning programmes for towns, cities and regions.. pdf, 97 KB.. Arctic Securities, Oslo, Norway.. Arctic Securities is a Norwegian investment bank established in 2007.. Around 120 workstations as well as conference rooms were furnished with Sedus furniture.. pdf, 440 KB.. Schleich, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany.. Schleich became known in the 1950s as producer of figures like Smurfs.. Now Meuser Architekten realised a new headquarter for the company.. pdf, 239 KB.. Nostalgic Art, Berlin, Germany.. In the Kanonenhalle on the former Borsig site, Nostalgic Art built its company headquarters inside an outstanding specimen of old industrial architecture.. pdf, 818 KB.. Hydroplant, Zurich, Switzerland.. Green is a central recurring feature at Hydroplant as the Swiss company specialises in integrating plants in building and room concepts in an aesthetically attractive manner although such plants are often feared by architects and designers alike.. pdf, 567 KB.. Cardinal Health, Rolle, Switzerland.. The open-plan in the concept of DEGW architects promotes staff encounters and interactions.. pdf, 383 KB.. Insurance Company, Tokyo, Japan..  ...   Romagna, Italy.. The administration building conceived by Studio Lucenses was planned with the purpose of creating bright, aesthetically clear rooms.. pdf, 201 KB.. Architecture Code Cologne, Cologne, Germany.. Cologne, January 2007: During the international furniture fair in Cologne, architects were invited to lunch here.. For the seats at the long dining table with space for 80 people, olé velvet chairs were used.. BMW Tarragona, Spain.. In the BMW branch office in Tarragona, all the administration and consultants' work places were fitted out with chairs from Sedus.. The blue 'my way' chairs are features which immediately strike the eye.. pdf, 177 KB.. Braun Medical, Headquarter, Switzerland.. The new head office was build primarily in order to create synergies.. A prerequisite for this was a design which would foster communication on all levels and streamline the work processes.. pdf, 611 KB.. Stock exchange, trading hall, Frankfurt, Germany.. According to plans drawn up by architect's office Atelier Brückner the trading hall at the Frankfurt stock exchange has been converted in a pleasant working place.. The hall now has a contemporary design.. pdf, 337 KB.. Santo Volto, Torino, Italy.. Mario Botta created an expressive ecclesiastical building, the new presbytery complex on a former industrial site which is dedicated to the Holy Countenance of Jesus.. pdf, 203 KB.. Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany.. The most modern news editing department in Germany is to be found in the Axel Springer Verlag building.. The newsroom that has been created is a marketplace for news, where staff work more than 18 hours a day.. pdf, 142 KB.. BMW Tower, Munich, Germany.. After 30 years, the BMW tower, which is now a protected building, was subjected to a general overhaul, especially in respect of the technical equipment.. The offices in the tower were also re-designed.. Berlage Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands.. Students from all over the world work in the research lab.. An optimum exchange of ideas within the research team is enabled by the communication-promoting invitation system.. KUMU, Estonian Museum of Art, Estonia.. Estonia finally got its own museum of art, designed by Finnish architects Pekka Vapaavuori.. The approximately 100 jobs created at the edge of Tallinn municipal park were fitted with the open mind swivel chair.. Savings Bank Siegen, Germany.. The new administration building of the savings bank itself is part of the outstanding inner-city location, the Sieg Carré.. 220 employees moved to new workplaces in rooms of highly different configurations.. pdf, 126 KB.. Lufthansa Aviation Center, Frankfurt a.. In the light-filled Aviation Center, 1800 Lufthansa employees started work.. Communication and transparency were the main objects of the plans drawn up by architects Ingenhoven und Partner.. pdf, 389 KB.. Boerenbond Leuven, Belgium.. Modern architecture for modern agriculture.. In Leuven, the Belgian farmers' association moved into its new headquarters, planned by AR-TE architects.. pdf, 206 KB.. Würth Solar, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.. As a subsidiary of the world-renowned screw manufacturer Würth, Würth Solar manufactures solar modules.. The CISfab is the world's first manufacturing facility for the mass production of CIS elements.. pdf, 403 KB.. PKF / Pier 1, Duisburg, Germany.. The auditing company moved into its new head office at Pier 1 in Duisburg's harbour.. Numerous special solutions were created when the 100 workstations were being designed.. pdf, 297 KB.. GAP 15, Falk eSolution, Düsseldorf, Germany.. GAP 15 serves as a landmark.. It is here that the company headquarters of Falk eSolution, among others, is located.. 70 workstations were set up with the invitation system.. pdf, 250 KB.. DEW 21, Dortmund, Germany.. The administration building with customer advice center was comprehensively renovated.. The working, meeting, training and service areas were equipped and furnished according to contemporary criteria.. pdf, 795 KB.. Kreissparkasse Tübingen, Germany.. The new banking block was created according to plans of Auer + Weber.. The spacious and bright office zones of the administration areas are characterized by a very striking color scheme.. pdf, 134 KB.. Esercenti Farmacia, Brescia, Italy.. For events and training courses, CEF set up an auditorium according to the latest technical standards.. pdf, 107 KB.. Coop, Ex Officine Minganti, Bologna, Italy.. With the Ex Officine Minganti, an old industrial complex was restructured according to plans drawn up by Open Project.. A shopping center with several catering areas are accommodated here.. pdf, 168 KB.. InBev Brewery, Belgium.. The world's largest brewing company engaged Poponcini Lootens ir.. architects to design a new administration complex.. 1100 chairs from Sedus were used in the new building.. pdf, 133 KB.. Rothoblaas, Bolzano, Italy.. Surrounded by vineyards and a freeway, this highly recognizable building was designed by monovolume architects for Rothoblaas.. Transparent offices support communication.. Turin Palace Hotel, Torino, Italy.. The administration and conference area of the hotel was redesigned by Simonetti Associati.. The diverse conference and meeting rooms were furnished with silent rush in beige leather.. Bavarian Parliament, Munich, Germany.. With seating furniture for the chamber of representatives in the Maximilianeum, Sedus created a customized solution adapted to the parliamentary requirements: maximum comfort and freedom of movement for the politicians.. pdf, 274 KB.. Clariant Headquarter, Basel, Switzerland.. At the Swiss headquarters of Clariant, a comprehensive open space concept was realized.. The bench-type workstations in a single, double or four-person configuration as well as the meeting tables were created with the invitation system.. pdf, 586 KB.. BMW factory, Leipzig, Germany.. The new BMW factory by Zaha Hadid is causing a sensation.. The 700 employees of the central building in the futuristic factory complex all sit on open up swivel office chairs from Sedus.. pdf, 303 KB.. Fanuc Robotics, Germany.. An unusual and striking administration building was created by the architects Gewehrs Kühn + Kühn for the Japanese robot manufacturer Fanuc.. The numerous conference and workstation solutions come from Sedus.. pdf, 316 KB.. Südwestmetall Heilbronn, Germany.. The outer metal skin was chosen as being emblematic of the client in this case.. On the inside, a white office landscape contrasts with the green areas viewed through the windows.. pdf, 120 KB.. Medical association building, Stuttgart, Germany.. Views of the natural surroundings and ceiling-high glass elements make for interesting perspectives in the building.. A variety of seating furniture from Sedus with leather or mebrane covers was used.. pdf, 130 KB.. State and district court, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany.. In the new, friendly criminal courtrooms in the Frankfurt Oder district and magistrates' court, judges, prosecutors and defence lawyers all sit on open up swivel chairs.. pdf, 123 KB.. Courtrooms of Düsseldorf, Germany.. The new building of the higher regional court in Düsseldorf is especially used for cases involving national security and terrorism.. Seating furniture from Sedus was used for the most varied of applications.. pdf, 464 KB.. Vacheron Constantin, Switzerland.. Bernard Tschumi built the new manufacturing and administration building.. Swivel and conference chairs open mind were used for the workstations in the administration offices and in the meeting rooms as well.. IBM Headquarter, Italy.. In the new head offices of IBM in Italy, most of the employees were given a workstation in the open space area.. There are numerous options for informal meetings and project work.. pdf, 217 KB.. Gelsenwasser Headquarter, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.. Modern and aesthetic furnishings in the offices plus individually controllable sun blinds guarantee a pleasant working atmosphere with open up and open mind chairs.. pdf, 132 KB..

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  • Title: Sedus services - sedus.com: The Sedus Stoll AG website
    Descriptive info: The range of services offered by Sedus stretches from the personal planning service, over the mobile customer care force and current events up to our qualified training programme.. Our customers can always draw on our professional network resource when realising larger and more complex projects.. The network is composed of specialists in facility management, removal services, horticulture, lighting, active and passive acoustics and the use of scents.. Planning service.. Customer service..

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  • Title: Sedus news - sedus.com: The Sedus Stoll AG website
    Descriptive info: Here, Sedus presents office scenarios of the future for greater productivity at work in a feel-good.. Sedus presented the office worlds of the future at Orgatec.. From 23rd to 27th October 2012, Sedus was present in Cologne on a 1,200 m.. 2.. trade fair stand, and acted as meeting point for productive well-being in the office.. In addition to the presentation of new products,.. Sedus mobile goes offline!.. With our new version 1.. 2 of Sedus mobile, you now have access to all the information on your iPad and iPhone even if you have no internet connection.. The Sedus lasered edge.. More attractive, more durable, more ecological.. Once again Sedus has shown itself to be the pioneer of new quality standards which stand up to even the most critical of inspections.. The latest example is its innovative laser edging.. The most obvious plus of this new technology is the so-called optical zero.. Sustainability with Sedus: GRI Report now available.. For the first time, Sedus demonstrates its commitment to sustainable business in print.. The company s sustainability report has been prepared according to the internationally recognised guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).. Sedus reception desk: Impressive entrance and functional workstation.. The Sedus reception desk is there to welcome visitors and symbolise the corporate culture in lobbies, showrooms and in offices where customers are received, and can also be used as a counter in doctors surgeries or law firms.. It is an attractive.. Sedus enhances the temptation c range with new conference tables.. The Sedus temptation c range has grown again: In addition to workstation designs, various meeting solutions are now also available.. The conference table range comprises new desktop formats which allow all types of meetings and video conferences.. Sedus pedestals: Attractively packaged functional storage space.. With the Sedus mobile pedestals, the office environment can  ...   new design awards: The products temptation twin , temptation storage , mastermind and mastermind wall , as well as viswall , which were all introduced in 2011, received the iF product design award.. Knowledge exchange in a dynamic setting: Sedus brainstorm.. The new Sedus product family brainstorm was created for active knowledge transfer and flexible team and project work.. Thanks to the flexible table modules, various configurations can be quickly arranged in training and seminar rooms,.. New series of Sedus specialist brochures.. With the publication of the brochure, BETTER COMMUNICATION, Sedus is launching a new series of specialist brochures which go beyond the products offered to look at the latest issues surrounding office furniture.. In this first edition, interested customers and planners will be able to.. Series production commences for a number of new Sedus products and range additions.. The beginning of May marked an expansion of the Sedus product range with the launch of several new product families and a number of range additions.. As an all-round supplier, Sedus offers integral furnishing solutions for designing work spaces based on the.. Seal of quality "Greenguard" for Sedus seating range.. The office seating from Sedus Stoll AG has been granted the GREENGUARD quality seal for products with low chemical emissions.. Certification from the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) provides assurance that the Sedus office chairs clearly.. Sedus match scoops red dot award for product design 2010.. Sedus designer Markus Dörner and the entire development team are delighted by this award for the match swivel chair.. 1,636 companies from 57 countries submitted a total of 4,252 products to the Design Centre in Nordrhein Westfalen to be judged.. Download new screensaver.. As part of the latest Ergonomics - dynamic workplaces website, the new ground plan of the building consultancy department in Geseke has been made available as a screensaver..

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  • Title: Sedus PresseNET
    Descriptive info: Facts and figures.. Product information.. Trade fairs.. Business news.. Press releases from the Sedus Stoll Group, sorted chronologically or, if preferred, by category.. 23.. 10.. 2012.. Ergonomic world first at Sedus: The “swing up” office swivel chair – a dynamic evolution.. At Orgatec 2012 in Cologne, Sedus will be presenting the swing up swivel chair family, a.. Available in:.. Orgatec 2012: World first at Sedus and a wide range of other new products.. Productive well-being in this age of sustainability.. At the Orgatec trade fair (for the furnishing, planning and management.. 03.. 09.. Sedus: more building blocks for sustainable corporate governance from the eco pioneer.. Sedus, one of Europe's leading full-range office furniture suppliers, has been seen as a pioneer of ecological.. 27.. 08.. Sedus: High-tech solutions thanks to laser edging technology.. Sedus, a leading European office furniture manufacturer and full-range furnishing supplier, is set to transform the technology it uses to.. 07.. Sedus extends Board of Directors.. Due to increasing challenges facing the company in its traditional markets and the new duties involved in expanding business in new markets in India, the Arab.. 04.. 06.. Sedus monitor caddy – for mobile use in conference rooms - Design: Horst Schiermeier.. The new Sedus monitor caddy has been specially designed for the mobile use of flatscreens and for video.. 10.. 05.. Sedus - Facts and Figures.. Name: Sedus Stoll Aktiengesellschaft Headquarters: Brueckenstrasse 15, D-79761 Waldshut Telephone: +49.. 18.. 04.. Sedus reception desk: an elegant welcome.. The comprehensive reception desk range forms one of the new model families and an important part of the Sedus product range.. Not only do they offer a choice.. Sedus "crossline prime" – an upgrade for managers on the path to success Design: Markus Dörner.. crossline prime marks the addition of a premium model to the existing.. Sedus "black dot net" – pinpoints ergonomics and  ...   products and range additions.. Sedus Stoll AG is further developing its expertise as an all-round supplier.. This May marks the launch of.. Uncomplicated standing meetings with optimal media integration: Sedus temptation high desk.. The Sedus temptation high desk with optional media integration assists both formal and informal.. A communication culture which knows no limits: Sedus mastermind.. Design: Markus Dörner A high-quality modular system with plenty of leg room: the Sedus mastermind conference.. Sedus offers comprehensive consultation and implementation services for integrated media and conference technology.. As a manufacturer of high-quality office furnishing systems and, as such, a.. Sedus meet chair range expanded.. Design meet table: Modus Design speziell Design meet chair bar stool: Markus Dörner Klaus Nolting Design meet chair swivel chair.. Sturdy, elegant and stylish – the Sedus temptation prime family.. temptation prime is a premium addition to the Sedus temptation product family comprising executive desks and.. Meeting point with the feel of a room within a room: Sedus sopha.. Design: speziell Movement and alternating your working posture are important for healthy office work.. Even in.. Storage space and cable management spine: Sedus temptation storage.. Design: speziell The temptation storage family, which is based on a 1.. 5 binder height, is not just perfect for.. Individually adjustable double workstation: Sedus temptation twin.. Design: speziell As a flexible modular system for the configuration of bench solutions, the double workstation.. Screening and flexible partitioning in an instant: Sedus viswall.. Design: Speziell Transparency and openness in offices can have a negative impact on the ability of staff to.. 01.. 02.. Sedus Stoll AG: New Development and Innovation Centre completed.. Waldshut, 1 February 2011 The new Sedus Stoll AG Development and Innovation Centre in Dogern (Hochrhein), Germany,.. Your contact:.. Dorothea Scheidl-Nennemann.. Brückenstrasse 15, D-79761 Waldshut.. Telephone +49 (77 51) 84-2 91.. Telefax +49 (77 51) 84-2 85.. E-Mail.. presse@sedus.. de.. Archive..

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  • Title: Sedus ArchitectsNET - sedus.com: The Sedus Stoll AG website
    Descriptive info: Here special services and a wide range of detailed information are available to architects, interior designers and planners.. The Sedus product range includes an extensive selection of products and solutions for office and administration buildings: from reception and waiting areas, to offices of every conceivable shape and form, including  ...   and staff rooms.. All products meet the most stringent requirements in terms of ergonomics, timeless design, high functionality and long service life.. Who to contact.. Download.. CAD planning data.. GDL objects.. Download brochures.. (Brochures in pdf format).. Download documents.. (Instructions and certificates in pdf format).. Dates.. Cultural projects.. Newsletter..

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